Mum finds baby son spent £7,800 upgrading her car after playing on iPad

There’s a fair few horror stories of parents finding their little ones have landed them with some pretty sizeable bills after getting hold of their iPads.

Treating themselves to in-app purchases while playing their favourite game is usually the main offender, but when your toys go up a level into the realms of having a Tesla, so too it seems do the dangers.

One mum claims that her 10-month-old son managed to purchase the full self-driving capability package for her Tesla after finding his way onto the car’s app – and she had no idea until the £7,807 ($10,837) fee appeared on her bank statement.

TikTok user @Stayfitstaylit shared screenshots to show the receipt, including the warning message that it would be non-refundable 48 hours after purchase, adding that the clever Tesla would automatically update while parked.

The mum showed that her son had bought a package that allows her car to navigate on autopilot, automatically change lanes and park, upgrade to a full self-driving computer and recognise traffic lights – with autosteer on city streets coming later in the year.

Thankfully her son will not be repaying his debt for years to come as the parent said she and her partner had been considering the upgrade themselves, and their little boy simply took matters into his own hands to give them the final push.

She demonstrated the results of her son’s first shopping spree as she filmed her white Tesla driving itself out of the garage and opening its doors to let passengers in.

The series of videos have been watched more than two million times, and were captioned: “Well our son decided we needed the self driving package we debated on before.”

When some viewers voiced scepticism over the story, the mum replied with videos to rebuff the claims and said she was shocked that the huge purchase required “no password or security” in the app, which has her Tesla account set up and is already linked to her bank card.

It racked up hundreds of comments, as one person joked: “That’s it, no college for him.”

A second wrote: “It happened for a reason.”

And another added: “But imaging having 10k in the bank and not noticing that lol.”

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