First time mum claims eating pineapple induced baby who was three weeks overdue

There are a lot old wives’ tales when it comes to pregnancy, such as heartburn means your baby has a lot of hair, or that you can predict the baby’s sex based on the mum’s food craving.

But, according to one new mum, there is one old wives’ tale that is actually true – and it relates to pineapple.

Lauren Grant began trying everything, after growing increasingly frustrated when she went past her due date by three whole weeks, in a desperate attempt to bring the birth of her little baby along.

The 25-year-old finally gave birth to her beautiful son Zachery on April 18, and she credits the fruit for finally sending her into labour.

“I was desperate to get him out – I’d been trying every old wives’ tale to induce myself for weeks, like raspberry leaf tea, spicy curries and long walks,” Lauren explained. “Nothing was working and pineapple was the only thing I had left to try.”

Sitting in her garden sunbathing, Lauren, from Bournemouth, decided to eat a whole pineapple, and just two hours later, her waters broke.

“I wasn’t sure if I’d just peed myself at first because it wasn’t a massive gush like the movies but then my contractions started in the afternoon so I knew it was my waters,” she recalled.

Lauren chose to have a home birth, and spent the next 24 hours watching movies and listening to music with husband Ben, as her contractions became increasingly strong, until the midwives arrived the following afternoon.

“My sister has two children and her first birth was by induction in hospital, which ended up being a really traumatic experience for her because her body just wasn’t ready and didn’t respond well,” she explained.

“A lot of my friends have had babies in hospital recently as well and had things go wrong like one friend who had 16 failed epidural needles and another waiting seven hours to be stitched up, which scared me off a hospital birth.

“My sister’s second birth was at home and it went perfectly and I also watched my friend’s home birth on Facetime while I was pregnant, which looked amazing and really emotional.

“They both inspired me to have a home birth – I was quite nervous being a first time mum but it went perfectly and I will definitely have them again in the future.

“I had the lights off with just candles and fairy lights and only my husband and the midwives there – like my own little cave.”

Fortunately for Lauren, everything went perfectly well and Zachery was born happy and healthy, weighing 7lbs 13oz

“I was really happy and relaxed the whole birth. Ben didn’t leave my side and kept telling me I was doing amazing which made me feel really powerful, like superwoman,” she recalled.

“Because the labour was so long, the moment he came out and cried as soon as he was out of the water was such a relief.”

Lauren and Grant, who have been together for 10 years and married for six, decided to record the birth using a tripod camera in the corner of the living room to record the emotional journey.

“I watch the video all the time and it makes me cry every time. I’m so glad I recorded it,” she said.

“Friends and family love it as well – everyone’s been crying watching it and a few friends have said they have thought about having a home birth after watching it.”

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